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5 Sep In , the government set up a committee chaired by Dr. P Rama Rao to specifically improve the operations of DRDO. The committee’s report. 1 Apr The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is no exception. Its mission . c) Rama Rao Committee Report. Consequent to. 30 Mar “By the time Rama Rao committee report (which looked at DRDO specifically as suggested by Kelkar committee) came a few years later, the.

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Some of these recommendations of the Committee have been accepted by the Defence Minister. Recommendations of the committee The Committee submitted its report to the Government.

Although it prevents infusion, retention and blossoming of young talent, DRDO hierarchy remains totally unconcerned. It is worth reinforcing the fact that defence is a sector where anything short of excellence is a failure. The organisation was set up in with the objective of providing the Indian armed forces with indigenous scientific and technological support. Extensions and re-employments are routine. Fill in your details: Decision- making will get further delayed. It felt that delays cause suspicion on the reprt of DRDO in the eyes of the users, the common man and intelligentsia.

It has also been decided that the budget for rejuvenating Research may reach 5 percent of DRDO budget in a period of three years. Indigenous combat helicopter 5 Jan, Your Reason has been Reported to rso admin. In Junea committee under the chairmanship of the Defence Secretary was tasked to study the committee report and the comments received from various stake holders; and evolve a set of acceptable recommendations.

Background One of the major recommendations of Kelkar Committee report was to review the functioning of Defence Research and Development Organisation.

This clearly indicates a mismatch in the said objectives and xommittee achieved outcomes of the DRDO and other public sector undertakings that are involved in defence. Instead, actively allowing private players and FDI in the defence sector can inject competition and contestability.


The committee chaired by the Defence Secretary met on five occasions and gave its recommendations to the Defence Minister. All Comments Your Activity. A major part of its budget is expended on the creation of world-class auditoriums, convention centres, conference halls and hostels. All of them have been running way behind schedule, have not met the demands of the services and continue to drain the rams budget. Although client satisfaction is an abstract concept and involves a multitude of factors, i t is an effective tool to gauge how well the commtitee of a client are being met — some of the vital factors being quality of product, timeliness of delivery and value for money a function of quality and price.

Modernisation Of DRDO | PIB Summary – Raj Malhotra’s IAS

It showed that the government had agreed with the views of all the review committees that DRDO should not waste its efforts on non-defence fields. As mandated in the new procurement procedure, DRDO should be forced to concentrate exclusively on strategic, complex and security sensitive systems, especially those which are likely to be circumscribed by denial regimes. DARPA has had impressive successes in military research by having an agile, small and focused team.

More shocking is the fact that the government is fully aware of the failure of DRDO to deliver but is unable to muster enough courage to force reforms.

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June 9th, 0 Comments. Hence, it is incumbent upon the armed forces to equip itself with the best available technologies, be it domestic or international.

The boss who made his maids, drivers rich. It employs over 5, scientists and about 25, other scientific, technical and supporting personnel.

Modernisation Of DRDO | PIB Summary

Defence Defence National International Industry. It has to have a purpose, an objective and a mission. India can ill afford inefficient institutions for they have far reaching fiscal and social consequences.

The opinions are those of the respective authors and do not represent the position of the editors or that of the Takshashila Institution.


No one ever retires in DRDO. This will alert our moderators to take action. All laboratories engaged in unrelated activities must be shed. The Committee, after year — long deliberations, submitted its report to the Committew on February 07, It has removed DRDO head.

To verify, just follow the link in repirt message. DRDO successfully tests anti-tank missile. The DRDO is not involved in production of equipment, instead it is primarily responsible for research and development till the transfer-of-technology ToT stage.

To give a major boost to Defence Research in the country and to ensure effective participation of the private sector in Defence technology, the Defence Minister Shri AK Antony today approved a series of measures that will transform and revitalise the Defence Research and Development Organisation DRDO — in form and substance.

The track record of DRDO is abysmal to say the least. Don’t buy a flat! Persons who contributed little during their active service life are allowed to subsist on the defence budget for years after retirement as well. One marvels at the deftness with which DRDO has withstood all the criticism heaped on it by various committees.

But it must also be noted that many critical projects under DRDO that have a direct bearing on combat preparedness like the Light Combat Aircraft and Kaveri jet engine are delayed by several years. Ministry of Defence May, Latest Popular Comments Tags. The committee noted that scores of DRDO projects were plagued by time and cost overruns. DRDO adroitly uses the c atchphrase of self-reliance for the furtherance of its own agenda. When the Custodians Betray As desired by the Prime Minister, some laboratories must be headed by bright young scientists.